Tower of God x Gleipnir

Hey Shogunates!

Been a while I know…I’m a busy man but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching anime!

Here are my thoughts for Tower of God and Gleipnir! Warning spoilers ahead!!!

Tower of God is the one that everyone is talking about. Coming from the webtoon to the “big screen” this anime adaptation of the popular webtoon starts off rocking! I have read only a little bit of the webtoon so this is not a comparison of the two. Tower of God is a great ride from start to finish . The animation is solid and the fight scenes are freakin cool! I enjoyed the characters for what they are. Ok enough with the niceties…here are my issues.

Plot development: Bam is annoying. His blind undying love for Rachael is such a bad plot crutch that I honestly was ready to quit watching. But, i get it. His story is about LOVE. As for the other characters we get a little background information about them all which isn’t terrible but I was never really convinced as to why they all chose to give up on their personal objectives to help Bam climb to tower to find Rachael. Then i was more confused when they found out Rachael was with them and still chose to help.  Did I miss something?? Help me out please.

Character Development: I am sure this will be resolved in season two but we get little to no development of any of the characters except Rachael. Rachael realizes she is actually a terrible person and acts on that realization. She had some actual character development. The lizard girl also had some character development.

The last episode leaves us with a decent cliffhanger. Bam is alive and Rachael is going to have the help of all his friends in climbing the tower. No one realizes that she isn’t disabled but Bam knows that she pushed him off the “elevator”. Decent cliffhanger…though at this point I am invested because I want to see if Rachael gets whats coming to her…a stomp out from everyone there, they should all stomp her to dust.

Moving on.

gleipnir (1)

I watched the last episode today….meh.

Overall I though this anime was great. I enjoyed just about every episode. The animation was great, fight scenes amazing, The opening and ending songs are good! I really vibe with the ending theme, I don’t know what it is about it, it just makes me bob my head every time. I’ll touch on the same things I hit with Tower of God.

Plot Development: The plot of Gleipnir is consistent and very interesting! I find myself wanting know more about everything. The slow reveal of the past troubles is executed perfectly and catapults the anime into the next season. However, the last episode was very lackluster. I think it would have been more of a cliffhanger if Shuichi kept his memories and something bad happened after that. The fight with Clair’s sister was very cool but short lived.

Character Development: The most important characters that need to develop in a story are the main character and the immediate supporting character. Gleipnir does a great job in doing this. Both Shuichi and Clair go through several personality changes. Shuichi evolves from this scared shy guy to this brave confidant guy and we see it. Clair evolves from this over domineering, confident, assertive girl to a more dependent version of that (she still keeps a lot of those qualities but becomes softer). And we see it!

All in all I enjoyed Gleipnir but I cannot end this article without addressing the elephant in the room…the fan service. So clearly there was some fan service. My arguement is that SOME of the fan service wasn’t fan service. The scenes when Clair enters Shuichi are NOT fan service. They make sense for the plot. The scenes where Clair’s panties are showing or bra are probably unnecessary. I will only say this and leave it alone…The scene that show Shuichi being aggressive with Clair must be for a reason because he always snaps out of it and says “what was that?” there is something else there that we have not seen yet.

My take: Gleipnir > Tower of God at this point.

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