Jojo part 3 season 2 quickie

Spoiler alert!

So I recently finished the second season of Jojo’s bizarre adventure: Stardust Crusaders and I thought it was pretty good. When I watched the first season I was really impressed! It wasn’t great or anything, but I had only watched the first two parts before and didn’t really expect it to be that enjoyable. And so I decided to keep watching, and while I don’t think the second season of the show is as good, it is still a really enjoyable show IMO.

Jojo isn’t known to be a very serious show, it is very comedic and mocks itself in many ways, the line “There’s only one reason why you lost, Dio. There’s just one simple answer. You really pissed me off” just feels so self-aware that it explains so perfectly why the series is such a fun one. And while the first season of the show is certainly comedic, they really went up with the absurdness of it here. Boingo gets two more episodes, and he’s probably my favorite antagonist in the series. He’s just so fucking weird and goofy. I don’t know if his voice acting is terrible or amazing, but it certainly works for his character. 

The show is just consistently very hard to take seriously, which I think is a good thing. I don’t think the series was made to take seriously, I don’t know if I’m an asshole for saying that. But it feels as though it is mocking the “90’s, super buff men beat villains to save the girl” type of films and series that came out at the time, but now everyone’s like really stupid. seeing as how absurd the characters are, I wouldn’t believe someone if they said it was all unironic. Like, Vanilla Ice Cream, there’s no way.

At the same, I don’t think it is immune criticism because of this, cause I had some genuine problems with the show. 

While I like how absurd it is, season one had some genuinely interesting character arcs that I felt were missing in this season. I think a show like this doesn’t need that to be good, but because it was featured in season one I kind of expected more of that.

While I love Iggy and how his face transforms from a troll to a human, his role in the story often felt mostly like a deux ex machina. He would often come and fart somewhere when a fight was too in favor of the antagonist, and it just felt a little lazy at times. 

While I wouldn’t say that the show is anything near boring, some of it feels a little repetitive. You could sum up every single battle with the line “I did that on purpose!”, which can be a bit disappointing after the 10th time. They were all pretty enjoyable cause of how insane it is, but I have to mention it somewhere.

The fact that Holly is in danger is pretty much irrelevant. While they remind us at times that she’ll die if they don’t kill Dio, there’s no real sense of urgency in the series. it just feels like it’s an excuse to get these buff 17 and 70-year olds to fight bad guys. And even if you said that it’s supposed to be mocking that “damsel in distress” trope, but you can’t just make a joke by doing what you are mocking. It doesn’t say anything about the trope, really. It doesn’t do anything but start the story.

But other than that, I really enjoyed the show. It’s not serial Experiments Lain or anything, it ain’t a masterpiece by any means. But it’s just an absurd show to watch when you just want to enjoy anime for a little bit before watching another generic Slice of Life

7/10, I guess it would be closer to a 6 than an 8

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