Jojo part 3 season 1 quickie

Spoiler alert!

I watched the first season of Jojo (Part 1 and 2) almost a year ago and I can’t say that I loved it.

While part 2 was better than 1 in my opinion, since it felt more like it expressed the goofiness that the show had, I found the show pretty annoying and boring and it didn’t make me want to continue watching. 

But fast forward to two weeks ago and because of certain changes in my life I decided to give the show another chance and watch Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders and I loved it!

There really isn’t a lot to say about the show. I guess I’ll start with the first scene, which is probably the most well-made part of the show. We see Joseph’s daughter at the police who’s son has apparently landed himself in one of the cells. We then see almost a minute long Aaron Sorkin-Esque walk-and-talk which really made me interested in the show. Then we see probably the most legitimately well-directed sequence in the show where we first see stands in the show and it kind of slowly follows Jotaro’s movements and it really impressed me. And while I don’t think the show has any more moments that I was as impressed by, it left an impression on me. This show would actually be creative.

After this, it just kept reminding me of why I wanted to watch Jojo in the first place. I love how weird the stand powers are, how bad the English is (Edit: Sorry, meant to write good), how insane the character designs are. It’s really fun to watch 5 overly buff teenagers and elders kick ass against the baddies. 

At the same time, I think there is more to the show than that, there was actual substance to the show. While some stand powers are stupid as fuck, some were really interesting. That guy who’s stand was light which was shown in reflections or the one with the lovers stand who manipulated Jotaro into stealing jewelry. But I found a certain character particularly interesting, and that being Polnareff. He’s a pretty silly character, a contrast to what you would believe of a french man. But in one of the episodes, the character of Avdol is killed by a stand user and it is partially Polnareff’s fault for going on his own. Now I expected Polnareff to feel bad about this event, especially since he is seen crying right after it happens. But I wasn’t expecting it to have such an impact on him. We see how he really is affected by this, how he blames himself for Avdol’s death. It kind of touched me, which might sound weird for Jojo’s bizarre adventure, but there was something to his character. At the end, when Judgement creates a clay version of Avdol to kill Polnareff, he accepts defeat, feeling like he deserves being killed by him. 

Maybe it could’ve been better if Avdol wasn’t resurrected right afterward, his arc could’ve felt more genuine. I love Avdol, no doubt about that, but I feel like him still being dead could have made Polnareff’s arc more satisfying. But still, I found his development throughout the series to be very surprising and refreshing coming from such a comedic character as he is.

But I also feel like the show has some actual flaws. It’s a show where many of its flaws can become positives since it becomes comedic, but it doesn’t excuse some of the other ones. I found some scenes to be too illogical to be funny like the last episode where they say that they can’t talk in the water and then proceeds to talk for the rest of the episode, Holy is only a plot device for the men to save, and while I can see why some of the dialogue feel a little sexist since it is set in like the 1980’s I’m pretty sure, it still bothered me at times. There was like a line in there about how Holy wasn’t able to control her stand cause she was a woman which was like… ehhhh…

But overall, I really liked this show! For a 24 episode anime, it definitely didn’t feel like it. It has some goofy moments and some genuinely great moments and it all just made me really like the experience. At the same time, maybe it isn’t the show really that makes it fun to watch. Maybe it is just the community. I know a lot of Jojo fans are annoying, saying the same joke over and over and over again. But I feel like if you get into, then it’s fun to just joke around about how Jotaro’s stand yells oraora when fighting. It’s stupid, but it knows that it is stupid and that’s why I give it an 8/10 (Closer to a 7 than a 9)

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