Hensuki: The Biggest Clusterfuck of the Year

So I just finished Hensuki and it was fucking weird! I went into this show knowing that it would be bad and it still disappointed me. Wow. Spoiler alert BTW!

My first impression of the show was from this poster and I was honestly a little excited. Looking back it isn’t great but I saw colored lineart and it seemed really cool. I knew I would hate the writing but maybe it could please my eyes for just a little. But no, the worst aspect of this show is easily the visuals. Oh my god, it is fucking horrible and let me tell you why. It has constant errors, where an eye will be missing, won’t be colored, or tilted weirdly and it just ends up looking like DeviantArt anime fanart. But aside from that it just terribly animated in every way. The thing is that it has some actually well-directed moments (Oh god did I really say that? Oh my god I’m gonna puke!) but the animation just ruins it completely. It feels so stiff and lazy and just ended up making my experience even worse than the writing already made me feel. There’s a scene where some characters are in a bowling alley and literally no people aside from the main characters are there and it just ends up feeling very lifeless. Really using that animation to make things come to life huh?

And it doesn’t end there. The very base for this plot is the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my entire life. So this guy finds a love letter for him with some panties (Wow, kinky). But the problem is that he doesn’t know who wrote the letter. Are you fucking kidding with me?! A LOVE LETTER THAT HAS NO NAME ON IT?! This is what the show is about and I am already lost. I am someone who thinks plotholes shouldn’t matter that much when it comes to the overall quality of a story but my god, when you mess up a stories base this hard it’s hard to not talk about it. What the fuck is happening?

So after that most episodes follow the main guy talking to these girls in his club or whatever and they all start off cute but then end up horny. And this is the set up for EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER. My god is the structure repetitive. I actually found the fan service kind of funny. I usually find it annoying but since it was so exaggerated it was pretty funny. But after the fifth time of seeing a cute girl do something weird and perverted, it’s just painfully annoying. Oh my god. And even after everyone has revealed how perverted they are, the structure changes but doesn’t become any better. It’s mostly just “look how funny this girl is because she’s being sexual” and it’s the same joke over and over and over again. New girls just appear and disappear to the point where it’s just hard to focus on what’s happening. 

And what do you know, it ends with incest! Wow, congratulations! You won the “Fuck off” award. In the eleventh episode, the main guy’s sister confesses to him at the same time as telling him that she isn’t his real sister. How, how convenient. See the problem isn’t that his sister confesses to him since it can happen in real life. There’s nothing bad about just making the sister fall in love with her brother. The problem is that they don’t even man up and do it for real. You’re really going to make her a step-sister so they can say that it isn’t weird. Sorry, it is weird either way. The main guy rejects her but in the end, he hints that he’s actually in love with her which just feels weird. They’re not blood-related but it’s still weird. 

So yeah, in the end, it had some (unintentionally) funny moments I guess but it just feels very off 90% of the time. I’ll give it a 3/10, it’s more of a 4/10 than a 2/10 but I’ll put it in the middle.

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