‘How many Dumbbells can you lift?’ quickie

Since I’m already copying YMS’s quickie format I guess I’ll start this review like this, I just saw ‘How heavy are the Dumbbells you Lift?’ and it was pretty boring.

It wasn’t very funny. It is constantly explaining itself like I’m a fucking five-year-old, but at the same time, the jokes are always so obvious that a voiceover feels useless for even the youngest of babies. But it’s clearly not a kids show, so what’s up with that. And to be frank, even if it was kids show it would’ve bothered me as much.

The show is extremely sexual. In most cases this isn’t a problem, it’s not like they didn’t intend on it being sexual. Gotta capitalize on the horny weebs am I right? At most it just made me skip 5 seconds forward cause I always felt weird looking at it. But at times it gets too a point where it crosses the line for me. There are scenes where they explain an exercise that they mention, and for the most part, I liked those scenes but sometimes they have visuals of the characters completely naked. They cover up tits and stuff of course, but it isn’t even consistent with how the scenes are colored which I just found weird. Sometimes they were even lying on red velvet bed covers which is like, come on at this point.

And it’s not even nice to look at. I think Dogo Koba has some pretty over average visuals in comparison to other anime but at the same time that’s not saying much. I have always been unimpressed with the directing and animation of anime cause it always feels so inconsistent in quality. But even then, those great moments are very memorable. Maybe the shows aren’t very memorable for their art, but at least there are moments that you can admire. Here it felt very consistently mediocre. It doesn’t have an interesting use of lineart, nor color, the directing is pretty plain and it feels pretty stale animation-wise. It wasn’t bad but I can’t say that it was great or anything.

Now my last problem has to do with the ending so if you don’t want to read that part then I suggest leaving this review. If you usually like Dogo Koba’s shows then you’ll probably love this.

At the end of the series Hibike and her friends go on like a vacation to some island and they take part in a competition where get to show off their skills. Akemi does some handstand pushup thing and it was apparently completely insane and stuff, it was pretty unexciting. But here’s the weird part. Earlier in the series, Ayaka invites Hibike to her home and then it is revealed that her family has like a boxing ring where people train and stuff. I won’t go too much into it but at the end of the episode, Hibike punches the punching bag so hard that it gets destroyed and it was pretty funny. She hadn’t done any boxing training and she was basically one-punch man on that bag. So at the competition, Hibike does exactly that and she ties with Akemi. She punches a punching bag and it gets destroyed What? Even the most generic of shounen would make the protagonist show how much they have improved throughout the series at the end of it. But here, Hibike punches the punching bad as powerful as she did at the beginning of the show.
Why not show how much she has improved over the show, do some push-ups that we know she had problems with at the beginning of the show, make us believe that going to the gym will help you improve. Cause now it just seems like you won’t change at all.

Oh well, like I said before if you like Dogo Koba’s other recent shows then you’ll probably like this too. Has the same tone, comedy and about the same character depth as Wataten and Senko-san. But as someone who liked neither of those two, this was a 4/10 to me.

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