My Hero Academia season 3 quickie

I have always had a soft spot for My Hero Academia. I never found the show to be great, but I always came back even after the lowest of the low. Something about the show just made me happy or something. And so a few months ago I decided to rewatch the show, and I wrote reviews for both the first and second season. But after that I just kind of stopped. I wasn’t that psyched about season 3 and I had other shows I wanted to watch so I just left the show. But recently I realized that the fourth season of the show aired next season so I felt like I needed to watch season 3 before that. So here are my thoughts on that:

I really enjoyed season 3 which I was surprised about since my impression of the season was that it was pretty mediocre from when I watched it last time. There weren’t any moments that I found especially memorable, like in season 2. And while I still don’t think there’s any specific moment that I found interestingly directed or written, I can’t say that I found it mediocre because of that. And I think a lot of that is because of the composition. I find the score for a lot of anime to be pretty generic and doesn’t really have any individuality. And that’s why I love My Hero Academia’s score. It wouldn’t fit with any other show, so it has a character of its own. And I love scores that do that. Those that really feel like they are made for that show.

I think the characters could’ve gotten a little more development, but I still really enjoyed their presence. All of the characters felt unique with their own quirks (; and I enjoy almost all of them. Thought I would really like some character development next season, to change things up a bit.

I found the story arcs, though enjoyable, to be a bit uninteresting. In season 2 it felt as though every plot point were thought out and had a thematic purpose, but that wasn’t really the case in season 3 (At least from my perspective). It all made sense of course, but I don’t really think a story should be judged based on that. If a story makes sense then I just think it’s fine. It’s the underlying themes and messages that make a story, at least for me. What is the show trying to say, and if other shows or movies have already said that how does this show/movie differ? That’s what I love about stories and it didn’t really feel like they did that in season 3.

Still, I really love My Hero Academia and it’s characters, and I’ll probably watch it until it ends in 2063.


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