‘Are you lost?’ and the technicality of a comedy

‘Are you lost?’ follows four high school girls who get trapped on a deserted island and it is exactly what you would expect. If you usually enjoy anime comedies then you’ll probably enjoy this one. But if you don’t, then I advice you to stay as far away from this massive piece of shit as possible. I could talk about how much the fan service bothered me, how unoriginal and hard to tell apart the characters were, or just how tonally jarring it was, but in this quick review (I’ll do more quickies for shows if I don’t have a lot to say, so to not waste everyones time) I’ll be focusing on one particularly bad aspect of the show. That being the visuals.

I think how anything is visually presented matters a lot. And while maybe comedies don’t always have that factor, I think that’s a shame. Cause a good comedy that is well presented with its visuals can become a great one. I mean look at any Edgar Wright film (I’ll be comparing this to Edgars films throughout this review). They are practically perfect in this regard, cause Edgar knows that making a comedy isn’t an excuse to be lazy. We’ve got visual comedy like making the paperwork in Hot fuzz really exhilarating, creative ways to match the staging of a scene when cutting to a different time of day or place, or just by making the transition from one scene to another feel fluid. These might seem too small to have a big effect on a tv-show or a movie, but it can make your experience a lot better if what you are looking at makes you excited. 

‘Are you lost?’ has none of that. Maybe it isn’t fair to be comparing some weird anime to Edgar Wright but I also feel like we should expect the best and not just the passable. We shouldn’t be fine with tv-shows and movie not taking advantage of the fact that it is moving. So when seeing ‘Are you lost?’ it makes me kind of angry. Cause to me it is clear that no one gave a fuck about making sure people would have a fun time just looking at the animation. Cause ‘Are you lost?’ isn’t really anime, it doesn’t deserve the title animation. It just feels like slightly animated manga panels, with opening and closing mouths and moving the body so signify walking. It’s kind of unbearable. like, look at this shot and tell me that it doesn’t look awful. They all have the same expression, almost like they copy-pasted the exact same face and changed the eye color a little bit, and then opened the mouth of one of them. Like, what the fuck!? Is this really what we want to support. This absolute shit of a show doesn’t deserve the kind of “fame” that it got. It wasn’t the most popular show of the season of course but it has 60.000 members on Mal which is 60.000 members too much. 

And for a show about getting trapped on an island, it is extremely clean. For such a wild premise, I would expect a gritty art style. Maybe not berserk since we are that lazy that we made the characters high schoolers, but I was expecting something at least. But throughout the show, there was nothing. They start the show in clean-ass clothes and it stays that way until the end. They could’ve changed the backgrounds to a high school and the girls wouldn’t look out-of-place. There’s no sweat, no stains, no marks, no nothing.

And maybe you say “But it isn’t trying to be realistic you fucker, it’s a comedy”, and again I’ll have to compare it to Edgar Wright’s films again. Hot Fuzz is a great parody of a cop movie but it’s also a great cop movie. Shaun of the Dead is a great parody of a zombie movie but it’s also a great zombie movie. I wouldn’t say that ‘Are you lost?’ is a parody of those “stuck on an island” films like Cast Away but it definitely is a more light-hearted version of one but it never has that sense of reality that Cast Away had.

I don’t know, maybe this will seem more like venting than an actual review, but I get kind of angry when I see shit like this. I don’t think anyone’s calling this show a masterpiece but it’s not getting as much criticism as I thought. It’s another anime maybe, but why would you want that. There’s a quote from YMS that I always love “I only want to watch exceptionally good and exceptionally bad movies” and I relate to that. I don’t want to watch a pretty good movie, I want to watch something I’ll remember, whether it is for positive or negative reasons. I will most likely forget about this show in a week, and that’s the problem. It isn’t so bad that it is good like any of Neil Breen film or Killer bean, and it isn’t a masterpiece like The Social Network or A Clockwork Orange. It’s nothing


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