EVO 2019: SoulCalibur DLC

Hey Shognates!

EVO was this weekend and there were some great matches in all of the featured games!! For those that don’t know what EVO is, its the biggest fighting game tournament of the year. If you like fighting games EVO is a must watch even if you can’t catch it live at least watch highlights on YouTube. I am not going to go over everything that happened at EVO so this will be short, but just know SonicFox took home the medal for Mortal Kombat again this year so no changes there and the SoulCalibur 6 grand final was amazing, check it out below. 

On to why we are gathered here today. Out of EVO also came the new DLC reveal for SoulCalibur 6: Cassandra!!! That’s right she is finally OFFICIALLY revealed, but if you are a fan and have been following the news we all new this was coming. First of all she looks awesome!!! Secondly, at the end of the trailer it seems like they teased someone else. There camera focuses on a mask that is laying on the ground, i have been trying to figure out who that mask could belong to but I got nothing so far. Check out the reveal trailer below and speculate for yourself.

Last but not least another big reveal for SoulCalibur 6 is below, if you haven’t seen or heard I won’t spoil it for you.



I have been taking a break form the SoulCalibur 6 scene but I am excited to jump back into the fray!! I’m Hype!!!! What about you?

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