To the Abandoned Sacred Beast Review

So for this week, everyone I decided to go with the theme and go with this one. To the Abandoned Sacred Beast. This is a great read and is very fun when it comes to how mythologies are mixed in with the story. So starting out everyone in this one platoon/squad was gifted with a specific power which helped them win this war that happened before the story starts. The power is being able to transform into a certain creature that the people are a kin to somehow.

So the soldiers are all given whatever accepted them. These are all the people that passed a low percentage “virus” which could of killed them instead of giving them their powers. As all of these soldiers in the army have now seen. You get the power you can control it, which they did in the war; but now like a “virus” it is taking over their bodies where they are not able to change back into their human forms. Little by little they lose their minds as well and almost like “venom” the drug that Bane in Batman uses to become more powerful and rage out. All of these soldiers are going home and at some point being enraged and killing people.

Now where the next part happens one of the more human monsters, a vampire, has started to use the process and make more monsters here and there. Inside of their own country he is taking over parts of it for the cost of these once normal soldiers now turned beast, to make a nation just for them. This also does not allow the old government to take part in helping the people on that side of the line once so ever. So with the nation in shambles and on the verge of a civil war; what will become of the nation when it implodes on itself?

A very good read also written and drawn by the same person that makes “Tales of Wedding Rings.” This is a great series to jump into, if you like mythological creatures and a government stance in your manga. Try it out for yourself. I think you may like it quite a lot.

Stay tuned for more to come, everyone! v^_^v

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