What are you watching this season?

Yo, Shogunates!! What are you watching this season???
I tell you what I’m watching and whats my top pick as of now. Here we go.
Miru Tights, Miru Tights, Miru Tights, and Miru Tights. That’s all.
😉 Ok, jokes aside I am watching Miru Tights, but that’s not all! You can probably guess a few of the Anime I’m watching as they have already created a lot of buzz: Vinland Saga, Dr. Stone, and Fire Force. All three of those have had great starts with intriguing stories, interesting worlds, and likable main characters. Out of the three I think Dr. Stone will take the cake simply because its very different than the other two. I am strictly talking based on the anime because I have not read the manga for any of the shows mentioned in this article, but if you have NO SPOILERS! 🙂
—I am also watching some ongoing anime like Black Clover which is turning up and Demon Slayer which has been fire pretty much every episode. —
Vinland Saga has an amazing premise; the best warrior doesn’t want to fight anymore. He tries to leave his past but his past won’t leave him alone. The anime is going to be good but I feel like we already know where this is going. He is going to get drug into a war he doesn’t want to fight, kill everyone, and be sad about it the whole way through because this is the life he tried to leave behind. OR, he will get killed at some point and his son will pick up his mantle and fight for whats right then retire. I could be way off here (I hope so) but from the 3 episodes I’ve seen so far that’s what I got. VInland Saga–Surprise me.
fire force
Fire Force surprised me in the first episode but then it stopped. I honestly thought it was going to be an anime about a team of fire fighters putting out fires, like actual building fires and I was even prepared for a drama style where the fires they put out aren’t only physical fires, they help people put out the fires in their lives too. But NOPE! Instead we get an anime reminiscent of Blue Exorcist where the fire fighters have powers (most of them) and the fires are actually some type of supernatural phenomenon that causes people to spontaneously combust. So the fire team is really fighting a demon-esque human fire that has to be killed with special weapons or powers and then they pray for the soul of the lost human. Can we see where this is going? The main hero will have to learn how to properly use his power, be taught compassion for the human part of the demon fire, and at some point will be the strongest in the group (I mean it is a Shonen). Not that any of that is a problem, I mean I’m still gonna watch it I’m just saying it’s not the most unique thing ever.
dr stone
Dr. Stone however, has my vote for the winner so far. The premise is simple but it has depth; all of mankind was petrified randomly one day. Our main character, Taiju (at least I think he is the main character even though his friend Senku is the title character) eventually wakes up to find out his friend, Senku (genius level scientist) has been awake for a little while before him and has been trying to figure out a way to bring mankind back. At some point in the first 2 episodes they figure out how to un-petrify people but they can only do one at a time due to a lack of resources.  Without spoiling too much SPOILER ALERT. They wake up a guy that is super strong but also has an opposing view of what they should do with the world in its current state, dudes basically killing people in a misguided attempt to make the world a better place (actually I spoiled a decent amount there, sorry!). Three episodes in and I’m hooked. I am curious to see what they do to stop this crazy strong guy from crushing stones, who they wake up next and what surprises that holds, and the evolution of their technology. Dr. Stone has the most open story line out of the three anime that I mentioned because of the world that was built in the first episode. In a world where society has been reset and you have the power to bring people back, how do you choose who gets to come back and when? Do you try to find the architect and the construction workers to build better shelters, or the doctors for better healthcare, or the politicians to establish a government…LOL! ok we all know that last one wouldn’t be a priority. Anyway, the world Dr. Stone has built has the ability to explore such questions and dilemmas and I am excited to see what happens. There is even a bigger puzzle that has to be solved, what caused the petrification in the first place? All in all, Doctor Stone has the best chance of telling a really unique story out of the anime this season and if it does it’s got my vote for anime of the season.
Unless of course Miru Tights turns up like the Valentines episode for the rest of the season.
What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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