Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest Review

So for this week I decided to go with a manga that is a bit slower coming out. This one is Arifureta, a great manga based on its light novel. It’s a great read when you get into it. It’s kind of like “I’m Standing on a Million Lives”, with the aspect that the main character starts with a horrible job for leveling.

While they try to raise their stats of him and his classmates; he becomes lost down a tunnel. Falling many levels down into what would be a much higher level area. He gets attacked and finds a way to use a regenerating stone. Increasing his level well beyond that of a beginners level.

From moving forward he uses his once horrible job powers into a full on master class. Creating guns and such from his world that didn’t exist before. Now searching for a way out of the dungeon, Hajime has trouble doing so. After finding an ancient vampire girl, Yue; he finds that her mana storage makes her one of the best partners to draw on.

Later on he finds a bunny girl, Shae, who focuses on inner strengthening magic. She becomes a somewhat valuable member to the team short of her clumsiness. With the three people on the team seeming pretty complete. Will there be anymore members added to the team? Maybe by next time when we get to this exciting fantasy manga.

Stay tuned for more to come, everyone! v^_^v

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