Joshi Kausei, my first dialogue-free anime

A problem I have with a lot of anime is the use of dialogue. Dialogue can be a great way of telling a story. While the phrase “Show don’t tell” is right in some places, dialogue is better in other. The Social Network, one of my favorite movies ever made, is great just because Aaron Sorkin, the writer of the movie, knows how to write dialogue that is consistently enjoyable. That said, dialogue can also be very lazy. If the exposition isn’t natural, the dialogue is on-the-nose and isn’t creative, then I will usually find the show or movie kind of boring. This is a problem I have with a lot of anime. They often use dialogue to give us way too much exposition, which often comes across in a very on-the-nose way. And even if none of those problems occour, it’s still usually not that interesting to read (The subtitles). My favorite moments of anime are usually those without any dialogue because of this.
So when I looked through the spring 2019 season and saw that a show’s premise was that it wouldn’t have any dialogue, I was intrigued. I hadn’t seen a show or movie before without any dialogue. I wasn’t expecting “A Clockwork Orange” or anything, but I was interested in how the show would use this premise. And sadly it doesn’t really.

Joshi Kausei, directed by Tokihiro Sasaki, follows the high school students Mayumi, Momoko and Shibumi who go on dialogue-free adventures, such as riding a skateboard and relaxing in a kotatsu. And while the episodes don’t have any dialogue, they’re not written any differently from any other show. It’s another basic Slice of Life where they replaced the dialogue with anime girl reaction sounds which I find even more annoying. 3 episodes in and I could tell that this wouldn’t be interesting in any way. And while it did use speech bubbles (With illustrations) to signify what a character meant, they very rarely did this which I found surprising since it’s one of the ways I would see the show use its premise.

Ultimately, the show is kind-of saved by its surprisingly good music, which often reminded me of Yuru Camp which has one of the best scores in anime in my opinion. So you know it’s good. And since the episodes are only 3 minutes long, yes you read correctly, it didn’t bother me enough to give it 2 or something (That’s why this review is so short too)

It’s another Slice of Life anime but with only anime girl reaction sounds. So if you like that, then I guess it’s for you…


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