Ao-chan can’t study, my first so bad it’s good anime

Small spoiler at the end

Have you ever watched a movie or show so badly written or badly framed/animated that it becomes funny? A work of fiction that has no understanding of what makes media good, that it becomes great? A work of fiction so alien that it becomes the most human thing ever? A work of fiction so bad that it is good?
Some that come to mind for me is, of course, the classic The Room, Love on a Leash and Killer Bean. There are loads of them, but I haven’t really watched any anime with that feel. I had heard of anime like Eromanga Sensei that were such garbage that it became perfection. I had heard of lots of them but never felt like watching any of them. So when I saw a show called Ao-chan can’t study on Gigguks Spring 2019 stream, I was intrigued. The trailer that was shown in the stream was complete madness. The main characters name is an abbreviation for Apple and Orgy, and she made “tiddy pudding” for her dad. This was bound to be the best show ever made. I watched the first episode and wasn’t disappointed. Ao-chan made “tiddy pudding”, her father is literally the boss baby, and the end of the episode, her dad used a fishing rod behind her back to pull up Ao’s sweater so a guy at her school could see her tits. This was going to be beautiful.

Ao-chan can’t study, follows Ao who’s having a difficult time. In kindergarten, she told the class how his erotic author father chose her name, and that day still haunts. Her goal is to study to get into a good university so that she can become independent of her father. But when Kijima tells her that he is in love with her, Ao tries to lose Kijima but realizes how much of an influence her father has had. Every episode shows Kijima and Ao interact with each other and Ao thinking that Kijima will sexually assult her at any moment.

And while I thought the show would be really absurd and funny, it was mainly the first episode that really went into the absurd in its sexuality. Tiddy pudding is almost never brought up again and her dad never does anything close to as sexual as in the first episode. Slowly, the show started to get more serious and “realistic”. Slowly, I started to get invested in Ao and Kijima’s relationship. Was Kijimi going to fuck Ao or not, that’s the question. You can probably not call it investment, I still don’t give a fuck about their characters or their relationship. But I began to feel like the relationship became more interesting. And I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. It’s good that it made me “care” about their relationship, but it wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted eromanga sensei level of trash, which I got in the first episode but not the rest. Sure, it made me giggle at points. Sure, it was still very sexual. But it kind of felt like the show had tricked me into watching the show by pandering to an audience that enjoys badly written shit. I can see why people enjoy the show genuinely since it has its moments, but it wasn’t what I was looking for really. I don’t dislike it really. Like I said, it still made me giggle at points. But I feel like it doesn’t go far enough to make it really funny.


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