Why I disliked Nichijou (Rogue Shogunate exclusive)

Spoiler free (I mean, it’s a comedy so there’s not a lot to spoil. But I won’t talk about any of the big “story moments”. Still, I’ll use some of the jokes as examples)

I am not someone who finds comedy in anime very funny. While I have seen a few shows that I think are amusing, like some of Konosuba, Kaguya-sama and miss Kobayashi, in general, I think anime has way too fast-paced, loud and obnoxious humor. A lot of it is the well-known “Boke and Tsukkomi” act, where one character plays the straight man who calls out the other one for being stupid. Other times it’s “contradictory comedy” as I call it, when a character says something but then does the contrary. I hadn’t seen an anime that had really made me laugh like English shows and youtube channels had done. But I had seen a few scenes from the show Nichijou and thought that they were all pretty funny. It had a surprisingly good animation which they used to make really exaggerated scenes that I hadn’t seen in anime before that. So when I finally decided to watch it, I can’t say that it met the standard that I had set for it.

Nichijou follows the town of Tokisadame (or Gunma or something) and its people. And while there are characters that we see more of, like the schoolgirls Mio, Mai and Yūko and the Shinome laboratory with characters like Hakase, Nano and Sakamoto, a lot of scenes are centered around characters outside of these two circles so I wouldn’t say that the show is about those 5 characters. Characters like the anxious teacher Sakurai, the extreme Tsundere Tachibana, and the punk Tsuyoshi get a respectable amount of screentime making them as interesting as the main characters. And that part of the show was very well made. The characters are pretty funny for the most part, a lot of them feeling like parodies of overused tropes in anime. Like Tachibana using actual guns to show off how extreme her “tsundere side” is or how remarkably anxious and shy Sakurai gets. Overall, the characters are very well written. But my problem isn’t the characters. It’s the situations that they come into.

The best parts of the show are when the animation is used as the comedy, like when Mio and Yūko get bitten by Mai’s dogs and their screams are turned into beams of light so powerful that they beam through all the planets in the solar system. This is when the show is at its most extreme and at its best. These are usually the bits that get shared across the internet. But sadly, that isn’t what the series is comprised of. Maybe it’s good that those jokes aren’t used as much since the thing that makes them funny is how it’s so different from its other jokes and anime in general. If too many of those jokes came, then they wouldn’t deliver as well. But I would’ve rather wanted that, then what I got instead. Cause the rest of the series is filled with exactly what I’ve seen before. Hakase drops a bunch of glue and Sakamoto says that it would be stupid to walk into it and we pan out to see that he has walked into it. Mai does something totally weird and random and Yūko finds it very disturbing. It’s the same thing that we’ve seen before. The characters are funny, but their scenes don’t use their characters enough. The sad thing is that this series is one of the funnier anime that I’ve watched, and even then it’s not enough.

Another problem I had was that way too many scenes were played for “moe” and was trying to be cute. I like cute things, but only in moderation. If there is too much “moe”, then it can get pretty annoying pretty quickly. And that’s what happens in Nichijou, that it seems half of the show is Hakase acting totally adorable or Nano being super happy and cute. Of course it was cute. but I wasn’t here to watch cute anime girls. I could search for “cute anime girls” on youtube and find that if I wanted to watch cute anime girls. This show didn’t need to have comedy and also cute anime girls, I would’ve rather wanted one or the other. I know I’m not in the majority when I say that, but it really annoyed me. I was told that this would be one of the more funnier anime, not the cutest. So I went into the show thinking that I would find it funny and not cute. I keep saying the same thing over and over again, it’s pretty simple.

Yeah, I’ll probably be hated for saying this. But I don’t like this show. It isn’t terrible by any means. The animation is one of the best I have seen in an anime series in a while, the score is pretty good and the characters are funny, but it isn’t funny.


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