Nyankees Review

So everyone I’m back with another review for all of you. I have chosen a new series on the scene that is spectacular and great for cat owners everywhere. My pick for this week is Nyankees.

So looking at the cover you would think this is about a guy and his cat. But that’s not even a close guess. This series really reminds me of “Wolf’s Rain”; the series kind of close to this one but about dogs. In both of these the animals are personified so much that at parts instead of just giving them human characteristics; they actually are seen as being humans. So the cover depicts the cat itself and if you imagined him to be human.

This is a pretty good flow between the panels because something more complicated for a cat to do and not a human, is either depicted with the human form or as a cat. The idea behind it is very good too. The main guy is on a journey for revenge. Easy! Right?

The only things you may need to know going into it is the words for Mogg, which is a male cat, and Molly, which is for female cats.besides that the rest of it is just fun. I think one of my favorite things is how many different cats are around and what they are all depicted as, human and cat forms.

I hope you’ll give this one a try and let me know what you think. Any way, keep reading everyone you are better than you know.

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