E3 Already?!!

E3 officially starts on Tuesday June 11th however, we have already had a ton of reveals. From Nintendo’s Pokémon direct to Microsoft’s press conference we have ton of new and exciting news before the event even begins! Is it really fair to say that though? I mean they minus well have just started the darn conference already…Anyways here a recap of the big news to get you caught up before E3’s official start on Tuesday!!

Nintendo is releasing two new Pokémon games called Sword and Shield. They look more open world than any of the other Pokémon games and seem to be a step toward that Pokémon MMO we’ve all been waiting for. Here’s the vid:

Microsoft revealed their next gen console: Project Scarlett. Boasting better specs than the Xbox One X (LOL! it better. Its freaking next gen, it should be better than what’s out now) and the addition of a cloud streaming service the Scarlett id aiming to get rid of loading times entirely!



Checkout some of the games revealed during the Microsoft conference.


Gears 5: Escape– If you thought the Gears was done, NOPE!


CyberPunk 2077– aka the Matrix/ John Wick/ Speed/ Bill and Teds excellent adventure only because its starring Keanu Reeves, What?! As if this game needed anymore hype…Geez take my money already!!!


Elden Ring– Oh I know I just got done writing about a Souls Like game but this one is from From Software (creators of the Souls series) and it boasts a HUGE map. Well I can’t wait to sink my teeth into another action RPG!


There were a few other games revealed like the Microsoft Flight Simulator, a new 4v4 game by Ninja Theory called Bleeding edgeMinecraft dungeons, and Halo: Infinite but I have saved the best for last. I won’t even spoil it! Though I’m sure you’ve already looked at the vid below.


So, Battletoads was announced sometime ago but I am happy to see game play.


And there you have it, you should be all caught up now! What are you looking forward to the most? Anything you hope you will see at E3 this year? Lets us know in the comments below! Thanks for Reading!

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