Cage of Eden Review

Cage of Eden is a real page turner. When you first start reading it; it seems to be a mix between the TV show “Lost” and a more mammal based “Jurassic Park”. There are very many twist in this manga that make you want to continue moving forward with it to see what happens.

I find that I really like the main character Sengoku Akira, who plays the hero role very well. He always signs himself up for going into the fray and facing the dangers that lay before the group. He went from highschool delinquent, perv to the courageous leader of the group.

There are many people in the group that stick out and have their own unique personalities and traits. Where if they were not on the island together they would not have become friends and comrades. Some of these are the highschool number one in grades, Mariya. One of the flight stewardesses, Ohmori. And Akira’s childhood best friend and love interest, who is also a star gymnast, Rion.

This story also goes into the prehistoric mammals and other such creatures. These parts are some of my favorites because it becomes a man vs. beast situation and how they handle it is just amazing. Later in the book there are more mad scientist parts where fusions of creatures appear and the characters are not so sure what to do about these.

One of the other things I really liked about this series is the extra parts at the end. They go in and give you a description and traits of the prehistoric mammals. These, I think, are one of the fun things they included in the series to help you know a little bit more about the creatures.

The story is very good, I feel at parts gets really wordy and I would recommend reading 3 to 5 books here and there and having another series to give you breaks in between. This series has 21 volumes in it so you should be able to enjoy it for a while doing this as well.

Just have fun with it and remember to keep reading!!! v^_^v

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