Re:Monster Review

So this is one of my favorite series of all time. It is just amazing how the story goes and unfolds itself.

Re:Monster is a story about a person who was killed and reincarnated in a fantasy world in a goblin form. Now I know what your thinking “Goblin Slayer!” Pillage! Rape! Killing! At least for those who know about “Goblin Slayer”, it’s one vicious read. In Re:Monster though it has more of a video game aspect to it. Our protagonist Gob-Rou has what it takes in this world though. He came with his wit and a mysterious power all his own, Absorption.

The game becomes a little different after Gob-Rou gets the ball rolling. As he eats, he gets more powerful; taking on the abilities of creatures he eats and adding them to his arsenal of abilities. This is one of the biggest fantasy survival series and includes a great combination of building a creature village, like in “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”; and inner monologue and character building, like in “So I’m a Spider, So What.”

While you read you can see Gob-Rou pick up these new abilities as well as items and classes. Becoming the biggest threat in the nation as he adds new heroes in his ranks. This is a great read hop into it.

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