SoulCaliburVI: Nintendo Switch Version

So, E32018 is just about over and we still haven’t heard anything from Bandai Namco. Looking at the schedule on E3’s official website they are not slotted to have any type of presentation on their own like Bethesda or Square Enix. But, we have seen plenty of announcements happen away from a solo press conferences such as, Jump Force and Code Vein. We were also treated to some new game play of SoulCaliburVI during an interview with Motohiro Okubo the main producer of both Tekken7 and SoulCaliburVI. During the aforementioned interview, Motohiro Okubo was asked about guest characters and the release date of SoulCaliburVI and he when talking about the release date he stated “I think that will be revealed during E3″(translated). Well, we are pretty much done with E3 2018 with no release date announcement and the only big press conference left is for  Nintendo which leads me to believe Bandai Namco will have some presence at the Nintendo conference and if they are waiting then to show SoulCaliburVI it would make sense if they also announced that there was a Switch version coming. It wouldn’t surprise me if they also announced a guest character from a Nintendo series like, Travis from No more Heroes or Ike coming as DLC. Well it is just a theory but here’s to hoping I’m right! Check out the interview below, the part i’m talking about starts at 4:15!  Tell me what you think in the comments below I know i’m super excited for this game!

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