Sony E3 Takeaways

For starters the presentation itself was done really well. I really enjoyed the format switch-up and after the little hiccup at the beginning it was good. Game after Game after Game no talking no explanations just gameplay and trailers. As for the games shown, the stand outs for me were:

Ghost of Tsushima: The PS4 exclusive samurai adventure game looks amazing. As you will see in the gameplay below, this game is aesthetically arousing. The showdown in the fallen dark amber leaves, as the sun is setting in the background was visually stunning. The game play looks to be precise and even perhaps stance based like Nioh. I am definitely getting this one perhaps i am a weeb but who cares its freaking feudal Japan and i’m a bada** samurai, lets go!

The Last of Us 2: I don’t need to say much here. If you don’t know what The Last of Us is then Google that ish right now then go buy the remastered version and play it. We still don’t have a release date but i’d rather see it take a while to come out and be perfect (as close as possible) than to have it rushed and be garbage. Trailer below.

Kingdom Hearts 3: It’s finally here! Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 were amazing and if you haven’t played them I have good news for you, they will come free with the purchase of Kingdom Hearts 3 (only on the Playstation Version). This is another game I will definitely be buying, I will let the trailer below do most of the talking but, visually it looks amazing and gameplay wise you couldn’t ask for more. For whatever reason pirate ship battles are a big thing for gamers now and Kingdom Hearts 3 has included their version of it in the form of: The Pirates of the Caribbean, check it out!

Nioh 2: Nioh was a big hit, admittedly being inspired by the Dark Souls series Nioh added its own twist to the style, paired with a great story and beautiful graphics and gameplay Nioh was a winner. An unforgiving winner, this game punished you so hard that it was borderline torture. Now we have a second one coming! Enjoy!

Death Stranding:  Yeah…this game is weird. Everyone is still up in the air about rather this is good or na. We all have faith because it’s from the creator of the Metal Gear series but it’s weird. I mean you play a dude with a baby inside a glass embryo strapped to his chest wth?! Also there are some type of shadow creatures that you are afraid of. The story is bound to be interesting enough to captivate you through the entire game, I just don’t know what to expect from the gameplay. At one point it looked like he pulled out some type of gun but in another scene he whips out the baby so i have no clue whats happening but I want to find out! Check it out below.

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