SoulCaliburVI: E3 Announcement! Trunks, Dark Souls guest characters?

I’m jumping right into this one guys. SoulCaliburVI is due to be out in 2018, we have 7 months left in the year and we have, no release date, no completed official roster, no pre-order bonuses/deluxe edition, no demo, one guest character when the series is known for having multiple, and no information (other than its coming) about the character customization (the series is known for this as well). With E3 about 20 days away this is what I need from Bandai Namco:

Release Date.

Deluxe Edition announcement.

2nd Guest Character reveal.

Character Customization showcase.

I believe in order for SoulCalibur VI to have a successful E3 and thus sell pre-orders, those four things need to be addressed in some way. Answer the communities questions, while keeping some surprises for the actual release.

FIRST, I want a solid release date. I want the release to be not too far out but, if it has to be for the game to be completed and the online polished I don’t mind a later release date. The most important thing for me is that the game be polished, specifically the online because as anyone who plays fighters seriously, knows a millisecond of lag can be the difference between a combo connecting for more hits or ending short, the difference between a win and a loss. This is a fighter, no one buys a fighting game to play against the computer (if you do then your wrong), we want to beat random people and our friends. The online has to be solid for this game to be a success and if a delay in release will ensure that, I’m good with that. Just let us know. Let us know something because right now we are all in the dark. I expect the release date to be the final announcement in their presentation.

SECOND, since the game is already available for pre-order there needs to be an announcement about the potential bonuses and/or a deluxe edition. I really want a Xianghua figure with the purchase of the deluxe edition, but that just me. Mitsurugi would be cool too.

THIRD, the Witcher has already been announced as the first guest character but having just one guest character is not really normal for a SoulCalibur game. So who is the second? Dark Souls Remastered is a thing and the Soul series is really popular (I’ve been a fan since Demon Souls). It’s possible to pull the character from there OR have some of the gear in the character customization mode. Imagine Siegfried with a Moonlight Greatsword! The praise the sun symbol is sure to make an appearance.  I say Trunks (future) or someone from DragonBall Fighter Z could also make an appearance. I only say this because Bandai Namco already has the licensing for the characters, DragonBall is insanely popular right now, and it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to fit at least trucks into the gameplay. I don’t know how likely this actually is but it would be cool!


LAST, Bandai Namco NEEDS to show off the character creation mode at E3 especially if they expect to sell pre-orders. The character customization is iconic for this series, people spend hours creating characters from different games/shows/etc. I know I have spent countless hours making different anime characters!

I have a strong feeling that these four things will be covered/ revealed at E3 but we will have to wait to see! In the meantime check out the newest character reveal below!

What do you want to see about SoulCaliburVI at E3?

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