Detroit: Become Human Preview (

The demo dropped for Detroit: Become Human and being from Detroit I absolutely had to check it out.  Coming from predecessors Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, Detroit: Become Human has some pretty big shoes to fill. The demo takes you through one event as the android Connor, in which you are tasked to save a little girl who is being held hostage on the roof by another android. The apartment is flooded with cops waiting for you to negotiate. The game uses the same method to interact with the objects around you as its predecessors with some enhancements utilizing the touch pad and motion control of the DuelShock 4, so when I walked into the apartment and saw a fish on the ground I went over to see if I could help it out (because I’m a nice android) and sure enough I was presented with the option to help it or leave it there.

Detroit: Become Human is a game that allows you to have multiple outcomes based on the decisions you make. Beyond the outcome of the individual situation the decisions you make also seem to impact the overall character. For example, whichever decision you made regarding the fish on the floor, your character has an anomaly occur in his programming AI. I can only assume that, that will have an impact later in the game depending on how often you allow that to occur. The other time I saw that is in one of the endings (which is omitted from this game play video below) the other android tells you, you lied to him as he dies and it causes another anomaly.

Graphically speaking Detroit: Become Human is beautiful, the androids look real and the environment is gorgeous. Looking at the Downtown Detroit night skyline brought me right back home, it felt like I was at some high rise apartment in the city that I would never be able to actually live in. Obviously the game takes place in the future so there are some elements that are different but you anyone that is from or has visited the city will know its Detroit. I can’t say much about the overall story because there wasn’t much to the demo. We only get a snippet of the game, however, the scene that I played was masterfully done. I was able to find out what happened in this house that caused this situation and the game didn’t tell me. I had to find the clues and put the pieces together myself to figure out what went wrong and why. I don’t know if every scene will be as “detective like” as this one or if the game play will switch when you switch androids, but if the story is told through what you are able to find out when searching around and interacting with the scenes I would be happy, player driven narrative is a great way to tell a story. It reminds me of the old choose your adventure Goosebumps books except with better graphics.

Action wise there isn’t really any combat involved with what I’ve played so far but the music and environment keep you on edge the entire time, like something could happen at any moment and there are times when random gunshots are fired. There is an unmentioned time limit in which you have to gather all of the information you can before being forced to confront the attacker. I liked the inclusion of the hidden timer because I felt it immersed me into the scene more. I felt like, OK I’ve got to hurry and find out what happened so I can talk this guy down and save the little girl, every second counts.  I mean in a real situation like that you wouldn’t have all the time in the world to gather information while the attacker has the hostage on the roof with a gun to her head.

All in all I really enjoyed the demo and am looking forward to the full release which drops May 25 2018 for PS4. If you haven’t already downloaded the demo check it out on the PlayStation Store!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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