Shadow’s Re:Intro

Welcome Shogunates! I figured I would do a quick re-introduction since I have been missing from the show this season due to work priorities. So let’s get right into it?  (Podcast intro music plays)

Alright, for starters my name is ShadowRezurected, obviously that’s a gamer tag and you can call me by my real name; Shadow, for short. I am a lover of Anime and Video Games, my top 5 for both will be explored in a later post.  I am married to the lovely Author SunflowerJ and we have one little bundle of joy, frustration, and time management, he is just about two years old.

I watch mainly Shonens and play all types of games, though my favorite genre is Fighting. If anybody wants to play SoulCalibur look me up on PSN all challengers are welcome, I never back down from a fight!

Defeat is not an option for the sword that protects. -Himura Kenshin




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