Welcome to Season Two!

Season one of the Rogue Shogunate Anime Podcast was a good one. We started out with high hopes and the following we gained in these three months blew our expectations away.  Our supporters had lots of great things to say about our content but we received a ton of constructive feedback as well. We took each and every ounce of criticism into account when we went into the lab to plan for our Second season. Here are the changes that you will see from Rogue this season.

New and improved Podcast

  • Run time will be condensed to 30-45 minutes for a more action packed show
  • New Segments have been introduced to cover more anime in the condensed format
  • Blast from the Past segment where we revisit old anime from the past to bring you a fresh take on the classics that you know and love
  • New background music for each segment to set a better tone for the conversations and debates

Gaming Content & Livestreams

  • Content on the website will shift from 100% anime to a 50/50 split between anime and gaming
  • This includes news articles, top 5 lists, and an occasional gaming themed podcast
  • Twitch livestreams with Realkers and Latt

twitch banner for youtube copy

Youtube Channel

  • Video option for the podcast
  • Gaming highlights
  • minidocs on various anime
  • Street segments


Be sure to follow our Twitch accounts  as well as on the newly launched Youtube Channel to catch the fresh content. Thanks for all the support and let’s have a hype Season two!!!

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