First Impressions: Violet Evergarden

With the light novel being the only Grand Prize winner of the Kyoto Animation Awards Program and the anime  boasting a rating of 9 on MyAnimeList even before Its first episode, It’s safe to say that Violet Evergarden had all the hype in the world coming into the season. But with the anime community in its entirety watching, could the first episode live up to the four years of built up anticipation? 

The show starts with a beautifully lit segment of two characters conversing in a market. From the first second of the opening scene It’s clear that the visuals are a playground for any aesthetician. So stunning in fact, I often found myself lost in its animation and forgetting to read the subtitles. But Violet Evergarden is more than just a looker.


The premier introduced us into the world of an Auto Memory Doll named Violet, an expert soldier turned postal worker. Throughout the episode we get a small fragment of what violet experienced before the events of the show and learn just how much trouble she is having getting accustomed to her new role in society. Every scene was expertly crafted in a way that felt like a drop of water from the ocean of which we are about to voyage and for me, it’s all sails ahead! The first episode of Violet Evergarden was a strong showing and even though it’s early i’m getting a hint of AoTY with this one.

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