Inuyashiki Review


Feeling lost, lonely, and unappreciated by his family, 58-year-old Inuyashiki ishiro’s life is at a standstill. After being informed of his terminal cancer, Inuyashiki heads to the park to clear his mind. On this fateful night, Inuyashiki and a mysterious teenager are caught in an extraterrestrial explosion. Upon waking up, Inuyashiki realizes that his body has become a remarkably powerful mechanical weapon and realizes that he must use his powers to save lives.

By this time the teenager, Hiro Shishigami, has already managed to master his new-found abilities and has developed a psychopathic personality with an intense hunger to take lives. The series explores the journeys of the two cyborgs and brings us along for the ride as their destinies collide.



Hiroya Oku’s idea of having an elderly man and a young teenager as the pro and antagonist was quite interesting. The impact of the age difference on the pair’s ideologies made for an interesting dynamic. For an eleven-episode series, Inuyashiki had a good amount of character development. The 58-year-old Ichiro Inuyashiki went from a man with no purpose in life to someone who’s purpose is to keep others alive and the edge lord Shishigami went on a rollercoaster of change throughout the story.





The art direction of Inuyashiki is very similar to Hiroya Oku’s previous works. If you were a fan of the brutally bloody scenes of ‘Gantz’ then you will not be disappointed. This Gory series is full of beautifully crafted scenes that feature a near perfect combination of CGI and traditional 2-d animation but also had a few select scenes in which the choice for CGI seemed a little odd. Despite the occasional hiccup this show still boasted some of the most visually appealing clips of the season.




With all the pre Fall 2017 Chatter being about Mahoutsukai no Yome(Ancient Magus Bride) and Black Clover, there was little to no hype surrounding Inuyashiki. The show quickly made a name for itself with its aesthetically pleasing visuals, excellent pacing, and heart wrenching ending. Inuyashiki is my personal favorite show of the Fall 2017 season and a must watch!

872/1000 Bangs


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