Erased (Netflix Original) Review


After Netflix flopped with their live action rendition of the Popular Anime “Death Note”, there was only one thought on my mind when I heard that they were at it again. “Hell No!” To my surprise they not only learned from the Light Turner tragedy but even managed to add a little spice to the already seemingly perfect formula of A-1 Studio’s Erased.

Netflix responded to the criticism of the whitewashed “Death Note” by gathering a lit cast. Mio Yuki (Airi) and Tomoka Kurtoani (Sachiko) shined in their roles as supporting characters and Reo Uchikawa’s “NANI?!?!” Face was hilariously close to that of the anime.

The plot of the of the Netflix Original was nearly identical to Boku dake ga Inai Machi. So much so that they even took special care to accurately capture the most iconic scenes. The major change arrived in the 12th and final episode but get this… I think I actually preferred the tweaked ending! 

With Netflix always listening to critics they seem to have a habit of never making the same mistake twice. Even after experiencing my own “revival” by reliving Kei Sanbe’s story for the fourth time, I found this rendition as amazing as the first. Brava!

812/1000 Revivals



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